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musical theatre actor Alana Pollard backstage at the Jagged Little Pill National Tour, photographed by castmate Daniel Thimm


Hi, hello! It's Alana, like uh-LAH-nuh, and my favorite thing about life is that every moment is a unique expression. As a young-in, I would dance to express the missing gaps in human communication, which opened the door to an infinite language in the arts.

Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, I studied dance under Director Nina Cameron at the Cameron Dancenter, focusing on ballet and jazz. I truly fell in love with Musical Theatre in the ensemble of THE MUSIC MAN, my first ever musical in high school. The University of Michigan and I chose each other, despite my Floridian diversion to the moody Winter. I pursued a BFA in Musical Theatre, went on a tech-purge and studied literature and poetry for six weeks in New Hampshire, and got my first Summer stock gig in Indiana. During my Ann Arbor days, I was often found at the Power Center rehearsal room, studying Women's Health at the Graduate hotel, or enjoying the Arboretum with friends.


After graduating in 2021, I moved to Brooklyn, New York, and continued to expand my artistry. I also got a labradoodle puppy and named him Nash.


I am currently touring with the first National Tour of JAGGED LITTLE PILL in the ensemble, understudying Jo and Bella. 


Thank you to my agents at Nicolosi & Company, my grandma, my sister, my partner Cameron, and my theatre family for being my home wherever I go.


Photo Credit: Daniel Thimm, Costume Design: Emily Rebholz, HMU: J. Jared Janas

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