Hi, hello! It's Alana, like uh-LAH-nuh, and my favorite thing about life is that every moment has its own expression. As a young-in, I danced to express every missing piece, which gave me an infinite language.

Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, I studied with Nina Cameron at the Cameron Dancenter, focusing on ballet and jazz dance. I truly fell in love with the theatre in the ensemble of THE MUSIC MAN, my first musical in high school. The University of Michigan and I chose each other, despite my Floridian diversion to the turbulent Winter, and I pursued a BFA in Musical Theatre. In Ann Arbor, I fascinated over Shakespeare and Stephen Sondheim, I met beloved mentors in my professors, and made my lifelong friends. Michigan gave me access to my first gig as an actor, at the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts, where I expanded my treasury of beloved musicals and plays. 


Right now, I am touring with the 1st National Tour of JAGGED LITTLE PILL in the ensemble, U/S Jo and Bella.


Thank you to my representation, Nicolosi & Company!


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